~ Dedication ~
As of December 8th, 2001, Wish³ is officially dedicated to my grandparents in Hong Kong.

If you ever get bored, get on any search engine and look for "Wish³". Good GRAVY there's a lot, huh? How did my Wish³ come about? As much as I'd like to say "Completely out of my ass," I can't.

Back in the day, there was once a short-lived doujinshi circle named Zettai Omoi, started by my buddy Mike. We released one issue at Anime Expo 2000 with another issue ready for press when shit hit the fan and the group fell apart. Before we broke apart, there was talk about releasing a collection of our individual storylines. Having none of my own that was short enough, I wracked my brains and thought up the characters of Himitsu, Basil and Paige (in that order) with no story to go with them!

Around Fall of 2000, after watching the final episodes of Blue Seed crying my eyes out ("matsuri yo!" and "aishiteru"... oh dear ::starts waterworks::) and the rest of Fushigi Yuugi series and OVA, I hatched a dastardly premise of my own to carry a story to a definitive end. I struck out to make a story about three wishes that, yes, had an anime flavor, but with as much philosophical meat as Shin Seiki Evangelion without sending the audience into spasms of theoretical overload.

Impossible a feat it seemed since my first intention was to simply show off "my superior writing skillz0rz". With the help of my ex-fiance, my friends, my watercolor sensei, my best friend Chris B., a lot of encouragement from my chat channel, and invaluable, astounding, never-failing support and assistance from my personal (and official Wish³ Muse™) R. Bail, I started to really seriously flesh out Basil, Paige, and Himitsu and the nature of the three wishes. Where do these wishes come from? Why does the wisher have to go insane and/or die? Can Basil ultimately save himself? Who really is Himitsu (cuz that can't be her real bloody name, sheesh)? I'm really trying not to give away the plot, can you tell? :)

As far as my records go, Wish³ went live on the 'net on March 15, 2001 and have been updating in fits and starts (with copyright registration hassles and all). Through it all, I'm damned happy there a nice, solid fanbase and I'm always encouraged when another reader joins the pack. Wish³ has a definitive end, I've always said so, and I hope it will end with a bang. My only hope is that all my fans will be truly touched and think "That was one hell of a ride" afterwards.

So there you have it. What this comic book is about, how it came about, and where it'll go. Think it'll fly? :)

The Somewhat Frequently Asked Questions
As I seem to need one lately.

1: What is your process? Why do you take so long with each issue?
Check it out! A walkthrough of my process ^__^ With pictures!

2: How do you say "Wish³"?
Just "wish three" usually :) I've seen "wish cubed" and "wish", though I'd like to avoid "Wish" if possible as that's a title of a video game as well as a CLAMP comic ^_^;;

3: I'd like to start my own webcomic. What would you suggest?
I don't actually get this "frequently," but I always love to give encouragement. This is actually for folks who want to do a serious comic book format webcomic as I'm not funny and have no idea how to start a comic strip. Firstly, make a story that you - yourself - would like to read. Webcomics are a dime a dozen and do you honestly want to do Some Other Webcomic Ver. 2.0? If you like a plotline from anywhere be it a book, movie, anime, manga, whatever, ask yourself what the aspects are of each that hold your attention? What do you think is kewl? What would you like your own storyline to give to a reader? Do you have an actual message to tell? A unique story? Think about it long and hard, it'll pay off in the end (Wish³ was in my head for a full year before I set any pencil to any paper).

Next is to start writing stuff down. Maybe you don't always work like this, but for me, I forget ideas if I don't put them down somewhere. If you think in terms of scenes like I do, write down the whole scene. Think about situations you want your characters to face (without conflict, there is no story!) and maybe even start sketching designs for people, places, and things.

After that, the technique is up to you ^_^ Don't worry about your art not being "good enough". My first issues aren't that hot either. If you keep practicing, work out a discipline, then you'll GET good, no doubt about it.

Lastly - and I can't stress this enough - make a story that YOU are interested in, that YOU want to tell. Forget fads, forget whatever else is hot or popular, make sure you make a story that you won't get bored of in the amount of time it will take you to make it. Finish what you start and you'll feel better for it ^_^

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