Basil Toback is your average Californian high school senior. A bit of a gentleman, a bit of a rogue, he has never deluded himself about being someone special until three wishes hit him between the eyes on his 18th birthday. Now his parents are greedy vultures, his oldest brother is a sadistic bastard, and he's on the run from the ticking time bomb called fate.
As Basil's intrepid best friend, Paige Scott finds herself dragged along his quest for life as it once was. At times his anchor to reason and emotional guidance counselor, she is torn between what he sees her as and what she feels in her heart. The only thing for certain is that Basil must survive the curse.
Trapped in "heaven", Himitsu has watched as generations of wishers fall to their doom. She has yet to care until Basil comes along as the one wisher to break the endless chain of wishes. Instead of the happy-go-lucky personality of an average kitsune fox spirit, Himitsu is somber and deadly apathetic to Basil and Paige's pleas for help until her own fate comes into question.
As Basil's older brother and the second Toback son, Gabriel Toback was the only real family that Basil ever knew. When Gabe chose to attend a college on the east coast, Basil was devastated; only later in Basil's adventures would he understand Gabe's choice and his sacrifice for his younger brother.
Little is known of the being named Mitei, only that she is quiet powerful and linked inexorably to the Morigami curse and its eventual outcome.

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