Many great news items
July 23, 2007 @ 6:13 am

First off, I hope all of you are enjoying or have enjoyed your Harry Potter 7. I and my fiancé are still not through half of it :( But hey, did anyone catch that? My FIANCE! I’m getting married!... er, someday LOL. Mark proposed to me Friday night, before we left for an HP7 release party ^__^ For the full details, hop onto the forum!

The other great, stupendous news is that Wish³ is back in print, now with a new publisher. This time, I’m offering up issues 1 through 8 in a perfect bound “Perfect” edition. This’ll be the last time Wish³ will be republished, I’m done! LOL! With the Perfect Collection, all of Wish³ will be collectable in three volumes. The first 2 volumes will be at the bargain introductory price of $12.99 and the final volume will be a little more. How much more and why? The last volume will contain issue 15 in full color along with a pinup section to serve as part art-book! Awesome?! I think it is! So zoom over to Lulu.com and get your copy of Volume 1 today!

Also, if you’d like, you could get a signed and personal sketched copy of Volume 1 from me for $14.99 + shipping! Just email me at sylver[at]wish3[dot]net! Offer ends in a month!

Told you there was a lot of news ;) Now for what you came here for, page 35!

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