Onamae: Sylvia T. Leung
Signs: Monkey/Scorpio
Locations: California, Hong Kong
Schooling: Otis College of Art, Digital Media

Good Ideas: Being productive, watching anime, studying manga and Japanese, eating good food
Bad Idea: Insulting someone cuz you feel down, leaving hair in the drain
Other links of mine: Coven of Angels - DeviantArt - OpenCanvas

Huge inspiring interview: AXNY Bebop panel. Kanno RULES! The whole thing about "You're gonna carry that weight" is so amazing.

Can I commission you? Sure! Here's the info:

Pencilled character (8.5"x11"/ A4 size)$40
+ inks (per character)+$10
+ CG colors (per character)+$20
+ real mediums like watercolor and markers+$30
+ inks+$20
+ CG color+$30
+ real mediums+$40

- Clients get 3 revisions during the pencil and coloring phase, but not in inking or finalizing stage.

- All clients get the pencils, inks, and a CDR of the piece (if digital) mailed to them unless otherwise noted.

- Prices may be haggled according to the detail and size desired.

- Estimated time of completion per commission: 1-3 weeks, again dependant on detail.

And in case you would like to make some of my little wishes come true, here's my super selfish Amazon Wishlist. AIYAH! ^_^;;;

Fun Facts About Wish³:

1) "Toback" is the last name of Jeremy Toback, a musician who created the beautiful song Word Behind Words.
2) Basil knows Jeet Kune Do because Spike Spiegel from Cowboy Bebop practices it.
3) Gabriel's name came from me not knowing what to name him.
4) My obsession with Britain stems from bein' born in Hong Kong and, recently, Harry Potter. My obsession with Japan comes from their ass-kicking animation.
5) Most of Paige's wardrobe comes from mine or the wardrobe that I would like to have.
6) "Basil" comes from "Basil of Baker Street" which, as far as I know, is from The Great Mouse Detective by Disney which is derived from Sherlock Holmes (of course).
7) Paige's name comes from "Paige" being a nice name and Cannonball's lil' sister Paige Guthrie who is Husk from Generation X.
8) Himitsu is Japanese for "secret" and "Mitei" means "uncertain future" or "undecided". Why they're named that is for my hidden agenda.
9) The plot and story have been inspired by Blue Seed, Shin Seiki Evangelion, and Fushigi Yuugi. The artwork is inspired by Hiroaki Samura's Blade of the Immortal. Wish³'s mojo demon is inspired by Yoko Kanno music.

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